Download any audio from YouTube™ videos with ONE click!

Rip That Music makes it easy to get the audio files you want.

It converts any YouTube™ video into a high-quality MP3 file, in SECONDS.

Just type in the name of a song or artist, select the YouTube™ video(s) you're interested in, then click to instantly convert that video to an MP3 file.

Build your entire iTunes music library - in MINUTES!

And with new YouTube™ HD-quality audio now supported, it's easy to access the highest-quality, ear-perfect tunes - literally on-demand.

The Powerful & Easy to use YouTube™ audio ripper - and it's cheaper than a single album!

It's easy to get started with Rip That Music.

Just type in the name of an artist, album, or song, and Rip That Music will find it on YouTube. You'll be able to see all of the songs in the preview window.

Simply tick the ones you'd like to convert to MP3 files, and click "Rip!"

Not only that, Rip That Music will also automatically tag and name your songs, so you won't need to mess around with ID3 editors.

You can even use the program to "subscribe" to particular artists, so that their songs are automatically added to your library - without you even having to think about it!

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Just brilliant. Now, I can legally download hundreds of MP3 files for personal use, without using file sharing programs. This really is a fantastic application. Feel free to use this testimonial from a highly satisfied customer!!"”
— G. Mathis
Harrisburg, PA, 17102
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POWERFUL YouTube™ Audio Ripper!

Just Pay for the Software ONCE - and Download MP3s for LIFE!

Rip That Music Features:

Want to learn more about Rip That Music? Take a look at some of these fabulous features:

  • One Click Music Ripping!

    Rips Audio from Any YouTube™ Video with One Click!

    Whatever your taste in music, Rip That Music gives you IMMEDIATE ACCESS! Choose from THOUSANDS of tracks by well-known artists and performers in Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, or anything other genre you like!

  • Powerful Search Facility

    Access Thousands of Videos in Seconds!

    Simply type in the name of the song or artist and Rip That Music retrieves pages of possibilities! Select individual tracks, albums, or artists. PLUS: Preview online videos directly inside the app!

  • Subscribe to Your Favorite Artists

    Never Miss the Latest MP3!

    Setup a 'subscription' with Rip That Music, and never worry about keeping up-to-date again! Rip That Music will check for new songs by your favorite artist, and automatically convert them to MP3 files for you!

  • Straight to MP3 with ID3 Auto-Tagging!

    No Extra Conversion Required!

    This app saves the audio tracks straight to as MP3 files, ready-to-run on any device you choose. No messy conversions, no need for extra software or plug-ins. It even auto-tags the MP3 files, and adds artwork where possible!

  • FREE Lifetime Upgrades

    No Hidden Costs or Fees!

    Want to update your software? SIMPLE! Just click on the “Updates” button inside the app. You'll automatically be upgraded to the latest and greatest version. Oh, and ALL updates are FREE – FOREVER.

  • 24/7 Support

The package also includes LIFETIME upgrades, FIVE YEARS of support, and a 30-day, no-quibble, money-back GUARANTEE.

Interested? Remember, Rip That Music allows you to download MP3s with fewer clicks than it takes to actually purchase from Amazon™ MP3!

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Cost $19.95 Around �12.95 or 14.95 Euros.
Works on Microsoft Windows XP and above.
MP3s should be downloaded for personal use only.

YES - $19.95 - That’s less than the price of one new artist CD!

And in return, you'll gain access to THOUSANDS of album tracks - including hard-to-find singles.

Remember, once your audio file is downloaded as an MP3 STRAIGHT to your PC, you can copy it directly to your iPhone™ or any other MP3 playing device – giving you COMPLETE PORTABILITY!

Rip That Music is the ONLY piece of legally-purchased software that gives you so much for so little.

Grab your copy to GET STARTED TODAY!

To get your hands on a copy of this powerful utility, make your purchase NOW by CLICKING on the red button below!

Cost $19.95 Around �12.95 or 14.95 Euros.
Works on all major versions of Microsoft Windows (XP and above).
MP3s should be downloaded for personal use only.