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What is Rip That Music?

Rip That Music is a simple application for extracting MP3 audio from YouTube™ videos.

With just a single click, it can download the music you want from any YouTube™ video, and save it to your computer - ready for listening, or transferring to your iPhone or other MP3 player.


How does Rip That Music work?

It's easy. Once installed, simply open the app and type in the name of the song, artist or album you wish to search for. When the videos are shown, simply tick those that you'd like to convert. Within a few minutes, you'll have a handful of new, ready-tagged MP3 files for your music library!


Will Rip That Music work on my PC?

You bet! Rip That Music will work on any Windows computer, XP and above.

Please note that Rip That Music does NOT work on Mac computers.


Is this legal?

At the time of writing, we believe that Rip That Music complies with all laws.

You're simply extracting the audio portion of a publicly-viewable video, for personal use. We believe that this operates within all terms of service, and is perfectly legal.

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not lawyers, and that this does not constitute legal advice. We will not take any responsibility for using Rip That Music in a manner which violates the law, terms of service, or other regulations. If in doubt, please seek legal counsel.


Do I receive free upgrades?

Yes! We don’t believe in charging you extra, just because we’ve dreamed up new features for our software. When you purchase Rip That Music, you’re entitled to 100% FREE lifetime upgrades and FIVE YEARS of support. It’s all part of our quality promise.


How quickly will I receive my order?

We’ll send you download links for Rip That Music as SOON as your order has been processed. There’s no waiting, and we’re open 24 hours a day!


Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do! And it's incredibly generous, too. Click HERE to learn more.


I have more questions, who can I ask for help?

Just get in touch with our support team. We're always on hand to help. Simply click here to chat with us.



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Cost $19.95 Around �12.95 or 14.95 Euros.
Works on Microsoft Windows XP and above.
MP3 downloads should be for personal use only.